The End

I went on a mini pilgrimage trek to Machu Picchu last month. I planned this trip back in August but it couldn't have happened at a better time. The Inca Trail afforded me four days without electronics to self-reflect and go back to my roots.

Since the move, I have been too focused on my shiny new town. I spent every moment at work trying not to drown, and every spare time uncovering what this city has to offer. There have been so many options that I have been paralyzed into indecision. I want to do everything - and I still do.

Sadly, it is time to give up blogging for the sake of blogging.

I have struggled to maintain regular content on the blog that I've started following the herd. I did a seasonal capsule post because that seems to be what every minimalist blogger does to gain momentum - but I honestly do not care about fashion. This was confirmed when I had to buy new clothes to replace the old ones and ended up buying replicas. I went the healthy route but now that I'm living in a city where I want to spend every free moment outside, food no longer became a focus. I have been eating the same thing for weeks without boredom because I now only crave nutrients to fuel my days. I started doing lists that might benefit my readers but that has turned into a chore because I know my heart is not in it.

The truth is I've reached a very fulfilling part of my life. No, my life isn't happy at all moments - but I'm happy where I am.

There have been so many great weekends here in San Francisco. We've discovered many gorgeous beaches, hikes, neighborhoods, etc. Each time, I felt this overwhelming need to "take photos for the blog" or "think up topics for the blog" that I lost my passion for photography and writing.

I like writing personal essays that capture the emotion and story of the chosen moment, not why I paired my black pants with my chambray top - because honestly, there are enough blogs that write things like this. I like taking real photos to document the moment, emotion, action, and/or time, not use props and create a fake scene for the sake of posting something "beautiful". While I am good at adapting to the needs of others, I am terrible at lying to myself.

With this, I'm shutting down the blog. I'm taking my own minimalist advice to only do things that fulfill me.

I will still take photographs - to document, not to post a fake scene on social media. I will still write - to capture my emotions, or others', not vapid content that repeats itself.

Maybe I will start a new website. Maybe I won't.  In the meantime, I will do mini blogging/documenting on Instagram @hilli.ta

Sincerely, Tania

Picking Up My Heart in San Francisco

I am VERY happy to announce that we are moving to our dream city just one month shy of my 30th birthday!

Ironically, we declined the chance to move to San Francisco less than a year ago. My husband’s company had an opening to transfer. We visited. We pretended to be residents. We looked at multiple apartments and homes in and out of the city. During our weekend of research, I remember coming out of Starbucks only to have a pigeon fall and split open literally one foot away from my face.

I am not superstitious – but I cannot deny that kind of an omen.

At the time, we just bought our current home – living inside it for all of 2 weeks. Our savings were depleted. Our debt was high – furniture, extra fees, adjusted living costs, etc. The decision felt rushed. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so we mulled it over for a couple of days before deciding.

Then, we said goodbye.

I shed real tears and closed that potential chapter of my life.

Three months ago, my company had a transfer opening. I thought to myself, “Ok, we tried this before. Let it go. Your Dallas life is wonderful.” Chris and I worked really hard to create our dream life here. We bought our dream home in our favorite spot in the city. We bought our dream car – after his was stolen a few months before we moved. We paid off a good chunk of our debt – after buying new furniture, fixed all my dental issues, and spent quite a bit for our puppy’s knee surgery. We replenished our savings. Our life in Dallas is very comfortable. It’s safe. It’s calm. Most of the time, I wake up so happy that I have to work out to get all the energy out. It would be crazy to leave for a city where 70% of the residents are struggling to make ends meet.

But I couldn’t shake it off.

I talked to Chris and applied. One full month goes by with no response. During this waiting game, we had no reason to be down in the dumps because our consolation prize is that we get to stay in our cushion life. In the meantime, Chris and I have started a pros and cons list. There are so many more pros to stay in Dallas, but if there is one thing I love about our partnership, it’s that we have the same mindset, goal, and expectation out of life.

We don’t want our life set in stone at the age of 30.

We peaked in Dallas. All our goals were realized. Now, we are to sit here and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Except, that’s not our personalities at all. We always have a goal in the back of our minds. We always have things we want to accomplish, experiences we want to gain, and objectives we want to meet. We are not the type to settle down, raise kids, and continue the normal cycle of life.

Maybe moving will help us get this bohemian side out of our system and finally ready to have a baby. Maybe moving will increase that side and catapult us into the vagabond life. Maybe it will make us fall flat on our faces and run back home. Maybe we will flourish and do things outside of our scope of possibilities.

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter In Dresses // Outfit #6

This gauze dress is my forever dress. It's paper thin, airy, and a touch see-through but it layers beautifully! When Dallas realizes it's still winter time, I add warm tights, riding boots, and a cardigan for a polished look. When summer hits, I can roll up the sleeves and wear thin sandals for a put together but breezy feel. During the fall, I add ankle boots and a scarf. During the spring, I pair it with ballet flats.

Just the dream dress.

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #5

Winter white is my most favorite color. The bright ivory throws light back to my face to give me this dreamy glow. Any kind of glow is a happy glow in the dreary dead of winter.

I got this dress in the middle of summer at 60% off. 

Soft + sleeves + flared skirt + v neck + cream = my ideal dress.

I really like having a shawl around during the winter. When it gets too cold, I put on a jacket and use it as a scarf. When it's warm, it just drapes across my upper body to protect me from the wind but keeps me cool.

Looking back, a nice chunky belt would look really nice here!

Also, happy February :)

Sincerely, Tania

New Year's Resolutions // Cutting Out Negativity

I’ve read before that we are the average of the five closest people in our lives. I am not one for motivational speakers but I have to admit that this made me think for a while after. If you really think it through, the statement holds true. The people you surround yourself with the most greatly influences your way of thinking, your perception of reality, your interpretation of life, and your way of living.

  • When you have good/bad news, who do you reach out to?
  • When you are annoyed and feel the need to complain, who can you talk to?
  • When you are upset that something did not go as planned, who will ease your sadness?
  • When you have to think out options, who do you go to for advice?

I bet your answers repeat the same few people.

Have you thought about changing them? Have you thought about whether those people enable your bad behavior (smoking, hoarding, complaining, judging others, etc.) or make you the best version of yourself? Have you thought about how much influence each person has in your thought process?

You might not realize this, but the people in your life can be toxic.

Ask yourself these questions…

Ask: Does this person make you feel jealous, bad, stressed, drained, anxious, etc.?

Think: You know the feeling – even if you have never put a name to the emotion. After talking to them, you just feel bad. When you have good news, they rain on your parade. When you are excited about the next chapter in your life, they pass along their anxiety and make you second guess yourself. When you start the day on a good note, they manipulate the conversation and drain every ounce of energy you had for your day. Ask yourself - why keep them in your circle if they make you feel like this?

Ask: Do they add value to your life? Do they make you think outside the box and improve your quality of life?

Think: You have your own life to live. You are an adult with at least one full-time role; whether it be motherhood, student, spouse, boss, employee, or daughter, all the roles require upward movement. There is no room for people that stay stagnant. Why keep them if they don’t add value?

Ask: Do they bring out your bad side? Are they judgmental? Do they complain more often than you’d like? Do they have a victim mentality?

Think: The people you keep change your point of view. After hearing negativity all day, you will surely have a negative mindset. After hearing complaints all day, your focus deviates from gratitude to shortcomings. After hearing that they are the victim of their circumstances, your perspective shifts. Is this what you want? Do you want to become a more judgmental person with a knack for complaints and feeling helpless?

No doubt, these are difficult questions to answer truthfully. Such raw honesty is difficult to come by. I am not making you go through this exercise to make you think you are better than the people around you. I am trying to help you pinpoint the main idea of your relationships. If it happens to be negative, ask yourself…

  • Can this relationship be saved?
  • Are they open to feedback?
  • Are they mentally mature?
  • Will they help you see your own shortcomings?

No one is perfect. The idea is not to achieve perfection. The idea is to surround yourself with people that help you grow and move towards reaching the kind of person you’ve always wanted to be.

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #4

Praise the heavens, we are given sunshine this week! The tradeoff is that it's extra windy but I'm all for it.

This dress is a new favorite of mine. It's fitted in the bottom half, and blouson style on top. For us top heavy folks, this helps greatly. Additionally, the balance of fitted and loose keeps this style of dress office appropriate instead of the risqué bodycon look.

Also, I got the most subtle ombre I can manage! I'm very excited. I've been itching for a change but I cannot commit to anything that requires maintenance. Enter: the sombre. If I decide it's not worth the upkeep, I just chop it off. If I love it, I can raise the color higher and higher to add more dimension. Most importantly, the lightened ends shows my layers - I am in love!

Sincerely, Tania

New Year's Resolutions // Scheduled Me Time

This week’s resolution focuses on self-improvement.

Most people have activities they say they ‘wish’ they had more opportunities to practice: writing, reading, playing an instrument, learning a language, etc. While these things seem like silly hobbies, they are detrimental to your self-development. When you go too long without brain activity, you become stagnant and obsolete.

Think you’re too busy to schedule personal time?

Take time away from electronics. I am not saying all electronics are bad. I am definitely a fan of my iPhone and I watch television to unwind. But I also know that most of the time, the tv is on to fill in background noise; the phone is used to scroll through feeds I’ve already seen; emails are rarely urgent. Piece out 30-60 minutes a day from your mindless electronic time and test out a hobby.

Stop making commitments. There are some things you’re obligated to do, and other things you are guilted to do. Nix the latter. Don’t say yes to your friend’s sister’s best friend’s baby shower just because they asked. Don’t commit to a party committee out of fear of saying no. Don’t agree to happy hour when you’d rather be home. Don’t sign up your child for every after school activity just to fill up their day – they also need personal time to figure out their interests and/or improve the current ones.

Wake up earlier. This sounds crazy to a lot of people – especially moms that need as much sleep as they can get – but early morning is the best time to get things done. Most people are still asleep and/or social contract says you can’t call/text someone before a certain time. Or, maybe you have little ones that make this almost impossible. Try staying up an hour later. When the kids are fed, bathed and asleep, the house gets a little quieter for your personal time.

Cut news/gossip out of your life. Gossip is just talking about other people behind their back – how does this help you grow as a person? If you feel the urge to talk about someone, perhaps try talking to them about your issues. The news is so close to celebrity gossip nowadays that there is hardly any value in keeping up. If your government is doing something you don’t like, take action – this can be your new hobby! Other than that, you’re only watching for the drama – wasted valuable time.

Minimize housework. You can find extra time during the week by utilizing little life hacks. Instead of cooking fresh meals every day, meal plan one day a week. This means less dishes to handle during the week. Instead of meticulously taking care and reorganizing your trinkets, cut down on trinkets. The less things you have, the less surface area for dust to settle. Instead of waiting until a large pile of laundry forms, try washing small batches twice a week - less time to fold and put away.

Take a lunch break. Instead of multitasking at your desk, go outside and take back the personal time you are entitled to. There are apps for everything now. You can walk while learning new language. You can take writing courses at your own pace. You can sit on a bench and read a book. Your lunch time is yours. Stop spending it mindlessly browsing clothes you don’t even want.

There are so many little things you can cut out, the question is: how bad do you want it?

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #3

It has been raining so hard in Dallas, I haven't been able to take photos to make my blog schedule on time. On top of that, we've been having extreme jumps during the day. The mornings bring us humid cold air, the afternoons bring us sunshine and a high of 70s, and at night it drops to 40s and rains. It's been making outfits particularly hard to choose because I work in a shift that covers all three elements. 

As you can see, I finally just had to give up and wear my tights and riding boots. Even though you see a scarf on me here, I did not bring a jacket to work! As previously stated, winter outside equals overheated office. If I get a little bit chilly in the office - by way of chugging ice water - I just unfold my infinity scarf and wear it around me like a shawl. 

I hope you're keeping warm/cool in your neck of the woods.

Sincerely, Tania

New Year's Resolutions // Sustaining Good Habits

The most daunting thing about resolutions is the maintenance; this is where most people fail. You cannot expect to make lifestyle changes in a week, month, or even quarter. Lifestyle changes take a lifetime – it says so in the title – so you can’t expect things to take on that quickly.

Take baby steps that lead towards your goal. Once that stage becomes easy, take it one step further. This will insure staying power and therefore, turn into a lifestyle change.

Instead of vowing to lose 20 pounds, commit to working out three times a week. If you become too focused on the number, you will get discouraged after being healthy for one week and see that the scale hasn’t budged – or even for one month. It’s been proven that body composition makes the type of changes most people want – a more ‘cut’ and toned figure – than your weight. While keeping an eye on weight is important, it is crucial to enjoy the process of becoming healthy; the results will come naturally.

Instead of cutting junk food, commit to adding a serving of vegetables at each meal. Putting a moratorium on certain foods only makes it that much more appealing. Try telling yourself you will stop eating sugar forever. You will start thinking about it and seeing it 24/7. Instead, think of adding or swapping a healthy version at every meal. Opt for a side salad or even a baked potato with your burger. Swap out maple syrup on your oatmeal with fruit to sweeten it up. Choose a side of steamed veggies instead of macaroni and cheese when you’re dining out.

Instead of pledging to read one book a month, plan to read 10 minutes a day. Reading is one of those ‘good for you’ hobbies that everyone should pick up. But it is very off-putting to see 400 pages in one book and knowing you only have so many hours in the day to do your daily duties – let alone add frivolous reading. Additionally, you do not want to speed read just so you can ‘get through’ a book. The benefit in reading is in paying attention to what you have read and applying the lesson in real life – or in case of fictional books, the benefit is to use your imagination and play the scene in your head to get out of your own life and relax. To do either one of these, you have to take your time.  

Instead of making weekly chore wheels, try cleaning up after yourself each day. Weekends are so precious for me. My husband works the whole day during the week, and oftentimes travel for work – so weekends are sacred. If I see a long list of chores to do that takes up more than half a day, I will get discouraged and either: a) not do them and feel guilty all weekend, or b) do them and waste my weekend. To mitigate this, I try to clean up after myself each day. There are some instances where that is just not feasible – like when I make a particularly fancy meal that requires all the dishes – so I just make a mental note to do that first thing when I get back from work or early next morning. Even if you have more instances where you can’t, trying makes enough of a difference to cut down on your weekly chores.

Instead of cooking fresh meals every day, meal prep one meal a week. The ideal life is one where you eat fresh foods all day every day. If you’re used to buying food every day – whether it be your morning latte or lunches – committing to bringing fresh foods daily is a far jump. Instead, plan out maybe one breakfast item you will have for the week. Cook and pack it so that you can just grab and go every morning. For variety, change up the toppings. If you’re having oatmeal, top it with different fruits every day. If you’re having muffins, make a pan with a variety of different sweets inside.

Instead of pledging to save 25% of your paycheck, cut one frivolous expense at a time. Saving money for old age is probably on everyone’s resolutions list. It is noble. It is difficult. And it is overwhelming. Start by reviewing how you spend your money on a normal week and see what you can cut out. For example, instead of getting a manicure every two weeks, think of getting the tools needed to do it yourself. Instead of buying Starbucks every day, try making your own lattes. Instead of gettingyour hair colored professionally, every 6 weeks, try a home box kit. It seems small, but these little things add up very fast.

More importantly, you cannot commit to lifestyle changes by the first of the year – so let’s stop putting pressures on ourselves. 

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #2

Do you want to know why I chose to do dresses after the holiday season? To hide my new belly of course.

Drape fabric + circle skirt makes for the perfect belly skimming outfit. Bonus points that the soft loose shape makes me feel like I'm wearing a nightgown to work.

This is hands down the trendiest piece I have in my closet. I almost turned it away because of the bell sleeves - but the slit on the wrist keeps me from going crazy. It splits open anytime I bring my hands up so it clears my hands free.

Sincerely, Tania

New Year's Resolutions // Removing Clutter

Ah, January. Still has that New Year smell.

You know what else January smells like? Stale air and dust mites.

If you’re like most people, you haven’t done a deep cleaning since last spring – if even. I suggest planning a decluttering/cleaning session this month to give you a physical fresh start on the year ahead.

Try on rarely worn clothes. We all have a few articles of clothing that we rarely – if ever – wear. Maybe you bought it during a sale. Maybe it was done on a whim. Maybe it was under pressure from an unusually aggressive salesperson. Whatever the case, it does not improve your life to keep them. Try each piece on and really evaluate whether or not it is feasible to add to an outfit – or better yet, see if you still like it enough to incorporate into your daily attire. If not, maybe you should think about donating said item.

Toss out tattered clothing/undergarments. While you are in your closet, take a look at your most loved items. Are they tattered or just dingy from multiple uses? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. While I understand there are some pieces that get better with time, there are also pieces so worn, you associate them with home clothes. I generally stay away from labeling items “home” or “public” because it gives the connotation some pieces are more special than others – and end up limiting the amount of time I use them. This is something to avoid because part of the minimalist lifestyle is to have multi-purpose items.

Reevaluate unused kitchen gadgets. Take a look at what you have taking up space in your kitchen cabinets and think about the last time you used it. Do you still need that Crock Pot from 3 years ago now that you have an Instant Pot that doubles as both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker? What about that coffee maker that you’ve ignored ever since you bought a French press? And that toaster that you got a decade ago before you went bread free? Get rid of unused items by selling or donating them.

Wipe baseboards. To me, baseboards are part of the wall. No one goes around wiping down their walls, so they get forgotten. Take a look at your baseboards and notice the amount of dust and general grossness sitting on there. Take a Lysol wipe and just start gliding through.

Move one furniture at a time to vacuum/sweep underneath. This one takes more effort because it involves moving furniture – which is always the worst – but it’s very necessary! I recommend doing this every quarter, but at least do it once a year. Your allergies will thank me.

Review saved documents. You know the pile of papers you have in your – probably – Junk Drawer? Or, maybe you are crazy organized and have a filing cabinet. Dump everything you have and start sifting through all the old receipts and expired warranties. They provide no value to you taking up valuable breathing space.

Assess pantry items. It never occurred to me to review pantry items until a few months ago, but you won’t believe the amount of canned goods that have been forgotten and expired. Find something you didn’t realize you have that is still edible? Donate it. If you didn’t know you had it by now, you probably won’t use it any time soon.

Care for your furniture. There are some pieces that need extra attention. Leather chairs require conditioning every so often. Canvas couches require a spray of Scotch Gard once in a while. Wood coffee tables need cleaning. Take some time to give your furniture some TLC to extend their life.

There. Don’t you feel clean now?

Sincerely, Tania

Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #1

This winter season has been... confusing. One day, we wake up to a low of 35. The next day, the low is 80. The day after brings us 43. And the day after that is 70. It is a bona fide miracle that I'm not sick right now.

I have been having a hard time keeping my closet organized because I am constantly swapping between warm and cold items.

No matter the weather, I still have to be clothed at work. So, this season I bring you The Winter Dress Capsule!

When it's warmer 'fall weather' out, I leave my legs bare. When the winter mix sets in, I... still leave my legs bare because the OFFICE IS ALWAYS HOT. If it falls below 40, I put on a thin layer of tights and add a wool coat for my walk to and from the garage and my office building. 

Either way, the dress stays!

Sincerely, Tania

New Year’s Resolutions // Tips for a Healthier You


I’m going to call it. Ending 2016 with a half marathon, fatty foods, delicious cocktails, and lying down was just what the doctor ordered.

But it’s officially 2017 - and we’re ready to get back on track. Whether or not you believe in New Year’s resolutions, there is no denying the cleansing feeling of a brand new month – if not year – after the holidays. You feel fresh, recharged, and motivated. Bonus points that Dallas rained hard enough for me to feel like 2016 has been washed away.

This month, I’m posting five New Year’s resolutions to get you started. I like to piecemeal each goal and post every Sunday in January – so as not to overwhelm all at once. We have the year to do them, so let’s start small.

The first goal is to create healthier habits. I do not like to put a weight goal because it sets too high of an expectation. Instead, the goal is to become healthier overall in order to make real lifestyle changes.

Throw away the scale. Those numbers mean nothing. Our body composition means much more. Low weight with high body fat percentage is way more dangerous than the reverse. Instead of focusing on the number, focus on how your clothes fit. Or, better yet, take photos of yourself a month or two apart after exercising and eating better. You will see real changes without a number on it. One pound of fat is not the same size as one pound of muscle.

Do not drink calories. This is the biggest rule of all. A grande mocha Frappuccino has 280 calories. You know what else totals 280 calories? 2 large eggs (140) + 2 slices of bacon (140). Wild guess as to which one keeps you fuller. Drink a lot of water. Most of the time, people confuse boredom and thirst with hunger. I keep a large blender bottle on my desk that I mindlessly take sips out of. If I need a caffeine jolt, I just drink plain coffee.

Pack healthy snacks. I try to keep healthy bars, fruits, and nuts at my desk. It helps differentiate between true hunger and boredom cravings. If you want to eat and you see your healthy snacks and decide they are not good enough, that is a craving. Because when you’re truly hungry, you will gladly eat them.

When all else fails, put it on a bed of greens. This is my simplest life hack. It can replace any grain that you previously eat around. If you think about it, Asians use rice as their main. I think Mexicans do that as well – sometimes tortillas. The Irish and their potatoes. Americans and bread. Rice, bread, and potatoes all have one thing in common. It’s bland enough that it takes the flavor of what you pair it with. So, I just change the base. It works the best when eating things with a lot of sauce or stews. When I eat saucy wings, I put it on a bed of lettuce. The sauce will work as a light dressing and the lettuce adds bulk so you feel fuller faster.

Meal prep. This is for the few that are ready to get more serious. I cook my upcoming weeks’ meals on Sunday. With exception of green smoothies, I make all breakfast, lunch, and dinner ahead of time. When you first hear or read about it, this idea is very off-putting because you think it takes all day to cook all your meals. But it does not. For breakfasts, start easy with a frittata. I make one big batch and cut it into individual portions. For lunch and dinner, I usually do a stew or salad. I made one batch of the stew or salad toppings and divide into portions. If you want to change up the flavors, you can make two different recipes for each meal. Doing this ensures that you won’t go off track. It ensures that you get your nutrients for the day. When you are ready to eat, you just reheat and go to town. Additionally, it also saves a lot of time during the week for….

Exercise. Find exercise that you enjoy doing. Don’t feel discouraged if you try something and you’re not very good at it. I went from weight machines and elliptical to running to kickboxing to yoga and finally group fitness classes. Find something that does not feel like a chore, and do it regularly.

When you enjoy the process of becoming healthy, fat loss and size reduction just falls into place.

Sincerely, Tania

Our Christmas: New Traditions

Our dog had emergency knee surgery in November, so we had to stay home for the next three months to tend to her. With this last minute change, everyone was separated throughout the holidays. In previous years, my husband’s family held a tradition of visiting their extended family nearby in Dallas. With the passing of his grandmother and subsequent selling of her home, the tradition was uprooted. 

Initially, I was pretty bummed at not having them over – but it turned into a blessing as we developed our own traditions.

I never celebrated Christmas growing up, so I did not have my own traditions. However, I was happy to create new ones with my new family. One thing my husband always had each Christmas morning was orange rolls – they come prepared in a tub from Pillsbury and only need 20 minutes in the oven.  While talking about this, he asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

“What do you mean? We’re doing orange rolls.”

“Yes, but that’s never the only thing *insert duh inflection*. There’s always something else. Like, orange rolls and pancakes, orange rolls and grits, orange rolls and oatmeal.”

So, we added savory grits.

In addition to this food tradition, I decided we’re doing onesies! Because, when else is that appropriate? Our pup gets a toddler shirt with cut up sleeves – she is such a trooper following all my whims.

Another thing that's new for us is a decorated tree! Chris bought this tree a few years ago and no one was dedicated enough to pull it out and decorate it each year; we were in apartments while we saved up for our current home. After seeing it all done up like this, I think I'm going to keep this tradition alive :)

We spent the day watching Christmas movies and drinking wine. As usual, we had our traditional Christmas lamb for dinner.

Sincerely, Tania

Christmas Casual

I can never fully understand people that dress up for Christmas.

I know that that's probably one of the few times you can see your family, but I also know that most families sit around the living room talking to each other before dinner. For this reason, I choose comfort over anything.

  1. Stretchy pants under tall riding boots to keep your legs toasty.
  2. Loose but shapely sweater for a respectable silhouette at the dinner table.
  3. Soft scarf for added warmth and comfy factor.
  4. As usual, simple hair and make up to put it all together.

Quick, simple, and comfortable.

Sincerely, Tania