The Anti-Capsule Wardrobe

I tried the capsule wardrobe thing for three seasons and came to the conclusion that it was not something worthwhile for my personality. After a few seasons, I began to see a pattern. Every season, I would incorporate a loose, light top with darker neutral bottoms. And every season, I choose the same neutral palette. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out I have found my style.

I started looking into capsule wardrobes even further. I’m the type of person that will find something new and follow the ‘rules’ before I start tweaking the process to fit my lifestyle. I don’t like to assume I know better without trying out the established guidelines. So capsule wardrobes focus on using the same amount of pieces in a collection for the duration of the season, right? What I realized is that in every capsule, women are trying really hard to be creative with their outfits. They would wear a tee as a regular top or over button-up shirts to give it that vest-y look. Or tuck the front. Or tie the side to make it a crop. If I ever wear a top over a thicker top (like a button-up) or tie the side, the shirt will be stretched out and ruined. I also found that capsule wardrobes are another way of following trends – and that is something I am trying really hard to avoid. If every season you are allowed to add more items to replace the outdated clothing, I feel like that misses the whole point of paring down. It’s almost like giving yourself an excuse to shop – something no one needs.

I think the capsule wardrobe works well for those that like to experiment or get really bored with the same thing, i.e. trend-lover. For me, I prefer to find the best way to style a shirt and wear it the same way every time.

I really love white tops – with everything. But I find myself buying other colors because I’m supposed to. I have a limited amount of clothes so I need different colors, right?? WRONG! Since I still developed favorites in my already limited capsule, why not just buy more of the same thing? If I wear my white top 3 times in a week and my gray top 1 time a week for the sole reason of alleviating the guilt of buying a different color, doesn’t that mean I missed the whole point of a capsule wardrobe?

With that, I’m trying a new side of minimalism.

My closet now has multiples of the same pieces. I don’t focus on buying something to fit a capsule for the season. Instead, I buy things for the sole reason of wearing the same outfits over and over again. With my love of white tops, I buy multiples in different cuts. In the end, I am basically wearing the same outfit – but in different cuts.

So after reading up on capsule wardrobes and Parisian wardrobes, I formed my own middle-of-the-road wardrobe where I combine the most important points:

  1. I love ALL my clothes and eliminate having ‘favorites’.

  2. I have a small closet that is easily maintained.

  3. I don’t get tempted to shop because I can’t un-know my style.

  4. I found my own classic personal style, my true uniform.

  5. My pieces are high-quality and I avoid fast fashion when possible.

Upon discovering this, I realized why I lost the spark and interest in finishing out my Minimalist Closet Series. I was trying to be something I’m not! Hopefully soon, I will find my happy medium and start a brand new series that falls more in line with my lifestyle, i.e. corporate + lazy bum + health nut.

Sincerely, Tania