An Update: Fall 2016


I fell off the planet for a solid month there. I’m sorry about that – and thank you for those that keep checking back! 

September turned into a transition month for us. I prepared a full blog schedule for the whole month and was really excited to start – then life happened, of course. We hosted my in-laws, had a housewarming party (finally!), completed all of my yearly doctor visits, and started training for our half marathon in December. Overall, a very productive month. Unfortunately, life sprinkled a few ‘scares’ in between. Our pup is limping on one leg (to this day, there is no sign of a broken bone or anything), my husband had a work scare, and I had an event that caused a moment of low morale. All this stress manifested into a giant pimple on my cheek and a beautiful canker sore in my mouth.

Then out of nowhere – like a movie – the weather cooled off and the surrounding mood changed as the month came to a close. I had enough motivation to rearrange my work desk and make these orange creamsicle gummy hearts with the leftover orange juice we had from our housewarming party mimosas. These small changes helped me get back to my normal.

It’s taken a bit to shake off, but I’m finally back!

The biggest change that will affect the direction of the blog is my pending half marathon. We signed up back in May as a way to test our endurance and prepare for our proposed Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu next spring. This training really helped me get out of my comfort zone. I joined ClassPass to try out random classes around the area. I’ve added cycling, crossfit, and more yoga to the mix. In addition, my diet drastically changed and my sleep greatly improved! 

I try to create posts that will help my readers. While it can be cathartic to write out my feelings and the day’s events, I mainly want this blog to be a tool to help others get to where I am today – clear of mind and an overall happy person. Because of this, I will try to add more health centric posts to guide you to findingyour best diet/exercise combo so that it becomes second nature.

Lastly, I will FINALLY post my fall work capsule wardrobe on Monday! Woot! It taken a long time, but in my defense, it is barely fall in Dallas right now.

Sincerely, Tania