Fall Non-Capsule: Day #1

If you have not seen my Instagram, my puppy had surgery a couple of weeks ago. Funny how life seems to hit us all at once. I made a big deal about having a tough September and fully recharged and ready to start blogging again in October - only to be hit with doggie surgery.

On top of that, Dallas is relentless in maintaining its signature suffocating, humid weather. I mulled over my Fall capsule for the longest time until I realized that I'm living in an imaginary world. I couldn't in good conscience make up a capsule that I won't wear in real life, so this season, I'll just give you snippets of what I've worn, and will continue to wear until the weather goes below 60.

Of course, I'm still a sucker for neutrals. I will never get bored with this palette. I love the airy and polished look of everything.

And look! I have a new bag this time!

I've been stalking this bag on eBay for a good 10 months before I found it in "like new" condition on Tradesy. Since I try to maintain a minimal lifestyle, I really pore over purchases this high. I am a creature of habit in my everyday life so I rarely change out of my work bag - but this style really resonated with me for a long time.

Sincerely, Tania