Minimalist Hair: Extending Your Wash

An aspect of minimalism that gets forgotten is hair styling. For those of us in the corporate world, styling your hair is a must – which seems rather vapid. However, your appearance and presentation is a big deal in the office.

A good rule in extending your hair wash is to work with the natural textures and style WITH your hair.

Take a good look at your hair’s natural texture. Is it kinky curly? Is it flat straight? Poofy? Wavy? Frizzy?

Make it work for you.

I try to limit the amount of heat I use on my hair. From the many experiments I’ve done, I’ve learned that the healthier the hair, the easier to manage – and low maintenance is the name of the game in my life.

I generally wash my hair every 3-4 days. That sounds normal to a lot of people, but I also do strenuous workouts 4-5 days a week so making my hair last is a big feat.

Day 1: This day is the most heat my hair takes. I wash my hair in the morning, blow dry haphazardly, curl the bottom half with an iron, and fluff the whole thing up. The end result are large poofy waves. Instead of trying to tame my naturally frizzy head of waves, I roll with it. The bottom curls provides some form of style while the top half remains fluffy.

Day 2: I sleep with my hair loose or in a clip above my head. As a result, I wake up with loose waves. After a shower, I usually fix my bangs, and flip my hair over and blow dry to shake up the roots. The end result is this wavy/straight body – my fave.

Day 3-4: At this point, my hair has flattened significantly. To salvage some semblance of a put-together hairdo, I blow dry the top layer of my hair with a round brush. The round brush will help create volume while the hair dryer help dry up the sweat. If it’s particularly flat, I lift random parts of my hair to spray dry shampoo and shake. I use more dry shampoo on day 4.

Day 5: I generally do not leave my hair unwashed by this point – except at those last minute moments that I am running late. This might mean that my workout was particularly grueling and I am having an inefficient morning, my puppy took a little longer to potty, or maybe I just plainly lost track of time. This is when the emergency bun gets used. The best part is that the dirtier the hair, the better the bun holds.

As you can see, I try to work with my natural texture. Because my hair is extra fluffy after a wash, I use the fluff to my advantage and taper down as the week progresses.

If you hair naturally straight hair, try wearing it straight the first day, braid is the second day, wavy post braid the third day, and loose waves the last day.

If your hair is kinky curly, try wearing it styled and curled the first day, reactivate the products by spritzing water the second day, half bun on the third day, and full bun on the fourth day.

Sincerely, Tania