Our Christmas: New Traditions

Our dog had emergency knee surgery in November, so we had to stay home for the next three months to tend to her. With this last minute change, everyone was separated throughout the holidays. In previous years, my husband’s family held a tradition of visiting their extended family nearby in Dallas. With the passing of his grandmother and subsequent selling of her home, the tradition was uprooted. 

Initially, I was pretty bummed at not having them over – but it turned into a blessing as we developed our own traditions.

I never celebrated Christmas growing up, so I did not have my own traditions. However, I was happy to create new ones with my new family. One thing my husband always had each Christmas morning was orange rolls – they come prepared in a tub from Pillsbury and only need 20 minutes in the oven.  While talking about this, he asked, “What do you want for breakfast?”

“What do you mean? We’re doing orange rolls.”

“Yes, but that’s never the only thing *insert duh inflection*. There’s always something else. Like, orange rolls and pancakes, orange rolls and grits, orange rolls and oatmeal.”

So, we added savory grits.

In addition to this food tradition, I decided we’re doing onesies! Because, when else is that appropriate? Our pup gets a toddler shirt with cut up sleeves – she is such a trooper following all my whims.

Another thing that's new for us is a decorated tree! Chris bought this tree a few years ago and no one was dedicated enough to pull it out and decorate it each year; we were in apartments while we saved up for our current home. After seeing it all done up like this, I think I'm going to keep this tradition alive :)

We spent the day watching Christmas movies and drinking wine. As usual, we had our traditional Christmas lamb for dinner.

Sincerely, Tania