The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Minimalist in Your Life

It’s officially December and Christmas is around the corner!

The drawback of being a minimalist is that you always get a slight brain fart when someone asks what you want as a gift – and you can feel the subsequent change in the vibe of the room when you respond with ‘nothing’. The drawback of having a minimalist friend is that we are tough to shop for. It’s not that we don’t need things – we just don’t need trinkets as we don’t attach sentimental value to many objects.

Minimalism is a spectrum. There are those looking to simplify for the sake of their sanity to the diehard I-Only-Own-100-Things type. No matter what type you’re shopping for, all minimalists agree that they value experience over physical things – which is so difficult because gift giving is just as much about the giver as it is the receiver. There is a clear difference between taking someone out for an activity and handing over a wrapped physical gift.

I have come up with a few ideas for the gift giving season! They align with our lifestyle choices and maintain the clutter-free look we strive for.

Happy holidays!

Sincerely, Tania