Fall Non-Capsule: Day #4

Dallas jumped from summer to winter within two weeks - with hot days sprinkled in for good measure. I so desperately want to have a blog that matches all four seasons, but I had to work with what I'm given.

Today's look is extra preppy. I bought this sweater four years ago and forgot about it. I try to stay away from print because it makes my chest look larger - something I don't particularly want to bring attention to - but, at the time, I was tricked into buying the current houndstooth trend. It's survived many attempts at minimizing my closet because this was bought when Banana Republic still had quality items. I could not toss something so deliciously thick and soft.

I put this outfit purely by accident when the weather dipped a little too low and my regular grandpa cardigan was in the wash - but really happy with this impromptu look!

Sincerely, Tania