The Perfect Tourist Uniform

After years of travel, I finally found the perfect tourist outfit!

I always feel extra vapid when I spend any amount of time researching clothing tips before a trip. From the outside, it is actually a very silly thing to worry about. You’re going on vacation, for goodness sake! On the other hand, being on vacation means you want to be as comfortable as possible. Who wants to drag heavy luggage around or be unprepared for the elements? Additionally, you also do not want to stick out as an obvious tourist.

There are individual concerns you must consider for each state/country you plan to visit, so this is more of a general uniform.

Comfortable walking shoes. I know you want to be photogenic or be like those pinterest photos where they walk around the city in heels, but the reality is painful. Those photos were taken so you can ooh and ahh over them. No one walks around gravel/dirt/cobblestone streets in heels. I had the toughest time accepting this ‘rule’ because I feel that flat, bulky shoes on my short frame cuts what little height I have – but I cannot imagine traveling without them again. Some things to consider:

  1. Get lean cuts. To keep it stylish and photo friendly, opt for clean cuts instead of bulky tennis shoes. Converse sneakers, Toms, etc. These shoes have thin layer of fabric on the top while giving great support underneath.
  2. Thick soles. I avoided it because I thought it weird to see a thick slab of white sole underneath a sneaker – but I’M A BELIEVER. While the foot gets tired from walking all day, there are no sore spots from the ground you’re walking on.

Stretchy pants. Almost everyone has an opinion on stretchy pants. Some swear by it, and others deem it inappropriate. Don’t listen to them – it’s needed. While I’m not advocating walking around in thin leggings, I urge you to get some stretchable pants. Why?

  1. Airplanes make you bloat. The act of going up and down does this. There is no way around it unless you avoid gas-inducing/dehydrating foods which, if you do some research, is everything but water.
  2. There are local foods to be had. There is a very good chance that the local food down the street will make you bloat. You can either pass to look cute, or enjoy life.
  3. Irregularity results in bloat. You know what I’m talking about.
  4. Difference in terrain. Being in a foreign area, you don’t know where you will end up. It’s nice to have full range of motion.

Oversized tops. While this ties in to the bloat reasons above, oversize tops are worth their weight in gold when it comes to travel.

  1. When it’s cold, you can add as many layers are necessary underneath.
  2. When it’s hot, the loose tops will create air pockets instead of stick to your body.

Roomy, crossbody purse. Crossbody feature because it is harder to snatch. I suggest a medium sized one to be able to hold a bottle of water comfortably. In addition, you will appreciate the space after you spend the day shopping for trinkets and souvenirs.

Personally, outside of the beach, this defines the perfect international tourist uniform. It is not blatantly obvious that you are not from around the area, but also functional in every way. For colder weather, I have thin thermal leggings that I add underneath my pants to add warmth. Additionally, Lululemon makes the best medium weight jackets that will keep you cozy without too much bulk.

Just add sunnies and you’re good to go!

Sincerely, Tania