Minimalist Décor with Succulents

As someone who enjoys negative space and a clutter-free lifestyle, I tend to have a difficult time making our place a "home". I don’t like to have decorative tchotchkes just to fill space and prefer to display things that are retrieved from my travels, sustainable, or functional.

I looked into succulents when I researched indoor plants – and fell in love. While they don’t clean the air as effectively, I love their unobtrusive, flower-like appearance.

I researched high and low to make sure I am doing everything right and found that repotting them is very simple!

The biggest factor I’ve noticed is that the potting mix will make or break the life expectancy of your plant – obviously. I stupidly assumed that you can just buy a package that says ‘potting mix’ but it is best to create your own mix. The secret is a mix of equal parts: potting soil, perlite, and sand (as coarse as possible). This is the best mix because it lets water through quicker and maintain the dry environment succulents prefer.


  • Get a wider pot as opposed to tall. Succulents do not develop deep roots.
  • Make sure the pot has a draining hole. If not, the water will pool in the bottom and the plant will rot. Another way is to have rocks and pebbles in the bottom of your container – but this means you have to remove and clean the pot more often.
  • It is best to underwater as opposed to overwater for the reasons above.
  • The best way to determine water needs is to dip a finger one inch into the soil. If it is completely dry, you can water. If not, leave it as is.

The result is low maintenance décor that ties your back to nature and keeps you calm.

Sincerely, Tania