Smart Business Summer 10x10: Look #1

I wanted to start off my 10x10 experiment (link) with a bang but Dallas is trying to drown itself. It has been pouring every other hour. If it’s not pouring, the whole city turns gray and there is thick moisture in the air.

During this shoot, the humidity was almost 100%. I walked out of my car and my camera lens immediately fogged up. In addition, my hair was noncompliant and my makeup started to melt. Just one giant mess.

BUT hopefully the idea comes through.

This outfit is one of the most comfortable work appropriate ones I own. The skirt and blouse are breezy and not too constricting. Pair it with pointy heels and you look like you have it all together without feeling too stiff.

Since my office is generally warmer than I’d like, I tend to roll up the sleeves. I enjoy the little bit of a casual touch.

Sincerely, Tania