Smart Business Summer 10x10: Look #7

Dallas’s humidity levels reached peak grossness recently. Every time I attempt to take outfit photos outside my camera lens fog up, rendering it useless. I haven’t settled into my new home enough to start researching studio backdrops – but I’m thinking this is now a priority.

In this outfit, we see my most favorite work jacket and a one piece black circle dress. I am slowly turning my entire wardrobe to this type of ultra-minimal, albeit bland, pieces. I really enjoy that the first thing you notice is me – instead of the color of my jacket, the cute print on my blouse, etc. While I believe people should be able to express themselves at work, I also believe that the number one image you should portray (if you have goals of progressing in your career) is maturity. After all, higher ups look for competency before they look at personality.

Sincerely, Tania