Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #4

Praise the heavens, we are given sunshine this week! The tradeoff is that it's extra windy but I'm all for it.

This dress is a new favorite of mine. It's fitted in the bottom half, and blouson style on top. For us top heavy folks, this helps greatly. Additionally, the balance of fitted and loose keeps this style of dress office appropriate instead of the risqué bodycon look.

Also, I got the most subtle ombre I can manage! I'm very excited. I've been itching for a change but I cannot commit to anything that requires maintenance. Enter: the sombre. If I decide it's not worth the upkeep, I just chop it off. If I love it, I can raise the color higher and higher to add more dimension. Most importantly, the lightened ends shows my layers - I am in love!

Sincerely, Tania