Corporate Capsule Wardrobe: A Winter in Dresses // Outfit #1

This winter season has been... confusing. One day, we wake up to a low of 35. The next day, the low is 80. The day after brings us 43. And the day after that is 70. It is a bona fide miracle that I'm not sick right now.

I have been having a hard time keeping my closet organized because I am constantly swapping between warm and cold items.

No matter the weather, I still have to be clothed at work. So, this season I bring you The Winter Dress Capsule!

When it's warmer 'fall weather' out, I leave my legs bare. When the winter mix sets in, I... still leave my legs bare because the OFFICE IS ALWAYS HOT. If it falls below 40, I put on a thin layer of tights and add a wool coat for my walk to and from the garage and my office building. 

Either way, the dress stays!

Sincerely, Tania