Picking Up My Heart in San Francisco

I am VERY happy to announce that we are moving to our dream city just one month shy of my 30th birthday!

Ironically, we declined the chance to move to San Francisco less than a year ago. My husband’s company had an opening to transfer. We visited. We pretended to be residents. We looked at multiple apartments and homes in and out of the city. During our weekend of research, I remember coming out of Starbucks only to have a pigeon fall and split open literally one foot away from my face.

I am not superstitious – but I cannot deny that kind of an omen.

At the time, we just bought our current home – living inside it for all of 2 weeks. Our savings were depleted. Our debt was high – furniture, extra fees, adjusted living costs, etc. The decision felt rushed. I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so we mulled it over for a couple of days before deciding.

Then, we said goodbye.

I shed real tears and closed that potential chapter of my life.

Three months ago, my company had a transfer opening. I thought to myself, “Ok, we tried this before. Let it go. Your Dallas life is wonderful.” Chris and I worked really hard to create our dream life here. We bought our dream home in our favorite spot in the city. We bought our dream car – after his was stolen a few months before we moved. We paid off a good chunk of our debt – after buying new furniture, fixed all my dental issues, and spent quite a bit for our puppy’s knee surgery. We replenished our savings. Our life in Dallas is very comfortable. It’s safe. It’s calm. Most of the time, I wake up so happy that I have to work out to get all the energy out. It would be crazy to leave for a city where 70% of the residents are struggling to make ends meet.

But I couldn’t shake it off.

I talked to Chris and applied. One full month goes by with no response. During this waiting game, we had no reason to be down in the dumps because our consolation prize is that we get to stay in our cushion life. In the meantime, Chris and I have started a pros and cons list. There are so many more pros to stay in Dallas, but if there is one thing I love about our partnership, it’s that we have the same mindset, goal, and expectation out of life.

We don’t want our life set in stone at the age of 30.

We peaked in Dallas. All our goals were realized. Now, we are to sit here and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Except, that’s not our personalities at all. We always have a goal in the back of our minds. We always have things we want to accomplish, experiences we want to gain, and objectives we want to meet. We are not the type to settle down, raise kids, and continue the normal cycle of life.

Maybe moving will help us get this bohemian side out of our system and finally ready to have a baby. Maybe moving will increase that side and catapult us into the vagabond life. Maybe it will make us fall flat on our faces and run back home. Maybe we will flourish and do things outside of our scope of possibilities.

Sincerely, Tania